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Safe Air Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Safe Air Smoke Evacuation Pencils are single use electrosurgical pencils, with a fully integrated smoke evacuation function. Experience comfortable and accurate electrosurgery, without the hassle of surgical smoke.

Precise handling

  • Slim and lightweight smoke evacuation pencil
  • Light flexible tubing allows axial rotation
  • Fully integrated cable inside the tubing

Suitable for wide range of surgeries

  • Compatible with a wide range of electrodes

Additional Features

  • Non disturbing in the surgical field with the cable fully integrated in the tubing (3 meters)
  • Handy in any position with a very flexible tubing that perfectly follows the hand of the surgeon
  • Accurate and comfortable in use: the electrode with angular lock allows 5 stable orientation and the buttons provide an optimized tactile feedback
  • Easy to locate in the field, thanks to the fresh colours

The details that make SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil a very effective smoke evacuating pencil:

  • The aspiration channel provides a high flow still with a slim and handy body
  • The transparent suction sleeve brings aspiration to the source of the smoke, without impairing visibility.
  • The position of the suction sleeve can be easily adjusted to accommodate to the type of tissue treated and the amount of smoke generated, without losing effectiveness.
  • The dual connector on the tubing allows attachment to a standard smoke filter or a fluid cannister. The shift can even be done during a procedure.

Electrosurgical smoke: a major issue, which many surgeons, nurses and branch organisations have been discussing for years.

The main worries are the presence of airborne chemicals, viable bacteria, viruses and mutagenic substances. These bacteria and viruses pose a potential health risk for the staff in the operating room as documented in a number of reports and scientific papers. Other issues relating to the presence of surgical smoke are unpleasant odours and obstruction of the surgeons vision during the procedure.

Many surgeons and nurses recognise the fact that surgical smoke irritate the eyes and create respiratory problems. Standard surgical masks do not protect sufficiently the operating room staff from the small particles emitted from surgical smoke. As a natural consequence, leading institutions and organisations, i.e. NIOSH; AORN and Sweden’s National Board of Occupational Safety and Health strongly recommend the use of dedicated smoke evacuation units and filtering systems during electrosurgical and laser surgical procedures.

SafeAir offers a complete Smoke Evacuation System in order to remove smoke and odour from the operating room.

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