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Thor UVC®

Disinfection System

THOR UVC® is a high-output UVC disinfection robot, which utilises unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous-wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens when and where you require.

More Power, Shadow Reduction & Precise Room Dimensioning

THOR UVC® is an intelligent device and completely removes the guess work and ineffectiveness of regular cleaning.

THOR UVC® is the latest constant wave UVC surface and air disinfection technology, designed for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment. THOR UVC® incorporates unique patented design features that reduce shadowing. Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) bacterial kill is achieved in minutes.

The Perfect Mobile Solution

THOR UVC® is completely mobile, its wheel base is identical to that of a standard wheelchair, making it the perfect solution for disinfecting ambulances. It is ideal for terminally disinfecting patient rooms, operating theatres, and any area within a hospital, including the smallest of spaces.

The THOR UVC® robot is easily transportable – perfect for hospital or ambulance use.

The Inverse Square Law

THOR UVC® disinfection technology works on the principles of the Inverse Square Law. It delivers more UVC power output over a longer distance, killing more pathogens in the quickest time possible. It has unique integrated room mapping which allows the operator to position the unit in the optimum location, reducing disinfection times and maximising the output of THOR UVC®.

Reducing the Acquisition of HAI’s

Whilst good hand hygiene has reduced HAI’s by 50% over the last 10 years, we have now reached a point of diminishing marginal returns. Standard manual cleaning techniques can miss up to 50% of particulates on surfaces, and other methods can take hours in preparation and delivery time.

Daily use of THOR UVC® constant wave technology, was proven to reduce the acquisition of HAI’s by 37%.

THOR UVC® can be utilised in either single or multiple placements, making it the most versatile system for our end users.




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