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HyaRegenŽ Gel

Prevention of Adhesion

  • Meticulous and careful surgical technique
  • Prophylactic application of adhesion barrier

 ESGE Consensus guideline: Using adhesion reduction agents are an important part of adhesion reduction strategy; achieving full prevention de novo and reformed adhesions (De Wilde RL et al: Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2014; 290:581)

 Patient Benefits

  • Reduced adhesions
  • Enhanced pregnancy rate
  • Limited bowel obstruction
  • Improved quality of life
  • Prevented re-admission

Unique features and functions

  • Easy to use via endoscopy or open surgery
  • Absorbable up to 14 days to provide complete coverage during the critical period of tissue repair
  • Preventing adhesion in surgical intervention area and remote locations in entire abdominopelvic cavity
  • Proven efficacious and safety from randomised clinical trial

HyaRegen Gel: unique material features

  • Adequate viscosity and hydrophilic property: creation of moist environment facilitating scar free tissue regeneration
  • Controlled degradation profile: physical barrier during the tissue healing critical period to prevent adhesion and scar formation
  • Terminal sterilisation: maximized safety after application
  • Degradable and completely bioresorbable: avoid secondary damage to the regenerated tissue
  • Easy to use: no mixing required, flexible delivery cannula to facilitate application and to reach the desired location
  • Non-animal-sourced hyaluronic acid raw material used for production: avoid potential reactions to xenogeneic proteins
  • Optimized and controlled degradation of the Gel ensures complete coverage and protection to the organs

HyaRegen Gel degrades in abdominopelvic cavity for up to 14 days

  • Covers traumatised organ surfaces during the critical period of tissue repair processes
  • Provides effective barrier to separate the organs


HyaRegen Gel used in Laparoscopic Total Hysterotomy

HyaRegen Gel used in Myomectomy and Fallopian Tube Adhesiolysis

HyaRegen Gel used in total gastrectomy

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