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LiNA OrthoSuction™

The LiNA Ortho-Suction is designed to remove debris and blood during orthopaedic surgery.  

The built-in filter in the handle ensures a free flow throughout the suction system. The filter traps bone clips, bone cement, blood clots and other debris likely to cause blocking.

LiNA Ortho-Suction comes with a short and a long flexible suction tip and by reversing the tips you have a choice of four different positions for rapid evacuation of larger debris and fluids from many areas such as the femoral shaft. The non-slip handle ensures safe handling during suction.

The LiNA Ortho-Suction is useful in any surgical procedure where suction of debris and blood is required. It is, however, designed particularly for hip, knee, and spinal surgery, aortic aneurysm and abdominal surgery.

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LiNA OrthoSuction

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