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SurgiSeal Stylus

SURGISEAL® Stylus topical skin adhesive provides the optimal balance between strength and flexibility.

Top Features Include:

High-strength 2-Octyl-Cyanoacrylate Formulation - Made with an OCA formulation, which features a greater breaking strength and broader uses in clinical applications than existing n-butyl-cyanoacrylates.

OctylFlex™ Technology - Provides increased flexibility designed to contribute to patient comfort and helps preserve the integrity of the adhesive, preventing premature sloughing.

Precision Applicator - SURGISEAL Stylus has a patented applicator is designed to provide greater coverage with less adhesive material. This self-contained applicator is designed to increase efficiency in the OR, to be used on multiple lacerations, and to reduce waste.

Microbial Barrier/Protective Coating - As a microbial barrier, SURGISEAL adhesive can be used as an auxiliary sealant in conjunction with conventional sutures, which can reduce postoperative infection rate.

High Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) - The proprietary formulation is designed to provide optimal permeability, increasing moisture and oxygen transmission to the wound.

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SurgiSeal Stylus

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